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Do you want to make your sim to live as a famous person? Do you want to cover yourself with paparazzi fans? Do you want to add some extra realistic gameplay in the sims 4 without using any expansion or game pack? Thanks to the modding community you can now follow your dream of becoming a star by using the sims 4 road to fame mod! This mod adds a ton of new features and gameplay, including fame levels, Newer buffs, Simstagram, Interactions and much more.

How to install the Sims 4 Road to fame mod?

First of all click on the download button below.

Sims 4 Road to Fame Mod

Now extract the folder and copy the script file into the mod folder of the sims 4. The default directory is Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. Now launch your game and go to Game Options > Others and Enable Custome Content and Mods. Now let’s see the features of this mod!

sims 4 road to fame

The Sims 4 Road to Fame Mod features

The Sims 4 road to fame mod will give you sim the opportunity to live a life under the spotlight and become a famous personality. This mod features tons of amazing gameplay and will change the look of your sim in daily routine. Some of the highlighted features of this mod are:

  • Simstagram
  • New Buffs
  • New Interactions
  • Fans (NPC)
  • Fame Levels (5)
  • New ways to earn money
  • Paparazzi (NPC)

How to become famous with the road to fame mod?

Once this mod is installed, click on your sim and select the menu called “Road to Fame”. Inside this menu click on Simstagram > Create a new Simstagram account. This will give your sim new interactions to achieve. It is same like instagram but will a little simlish touch. You will be able to take a selfie For simstagram, Take a selfie with another sim and respond to recent comments. Add new selfies will increase your interactions and followers in simstagram. One you have 100k followers in your simstagram account, you will receive media offers from different companies. They will provide you will offers and money as a reward. This reward will increase with time. Once you have 1 million followers in your account. You will notice that you have fans on the street, Following you, taking your photos, want your autograph.

It is a great interaction to communicate with your fans. Go ahead and give them a hug, kiss or sign an autograph. Other features include Striking Poses, Events, Medals, friendship and romantic relationships and celebrity sim’s house! Road to fame mod update includes Modelling and professional singing as a skill.

The Sims 4 Road to fame mod free download

This mod is not free and costs $5 on patreon. But here on our website, this mod is completely free and comes with newer updates from the developer.

Sims 4 Road to Fame Mod


The Sims 4 Road to fame mod not working

If the road to fame mod is not working in your PC, then follow these methods:

  • Make sure your Script Mods are enabled
  • Your script files should not be more than 1 sub-folder deep
  • Download the latest version of the mod
  • Remove all the older files and then re-download

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