Sims 5 – Release Date, Trailer, and Rumors 2022

With the success of the Sims 4, the fans are eagerly waiting for the next-generation game. It is safe to say that The Sims 5 is probably one of the most awaited games of this decade.

This post contains a detailed collection of all the clues, rumors and authentics news available on the internet regarding the sims 5. We have merged everything and provided a shorter version so that you can review this easily.

Sims 5 – A brief Introduction

During the early stage of the sims 4 release, the devs clearly stated that they are only focusing on the success of Sims 4. But with the passage of time, the game has generated a lot of revenue. EA and Maxis than focused their revenue by releasing more DLC’s for the current game. Their prime focus was to just make additional content for the game, rather than releasing a new title.

But now by the start of the new decade, we have finally some great news from the developers of the project. EA recently confirmed that they are not working on the Battlefield game. Its probably because their main focus is to release a new game in the sims series.

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Expansion pack is probably the last expansion pack the company has released. The Sims 5 is the next edition in the Sims series with tons of improvement and gameplay mechanics.

All the meshes, characters and texture of the game will be designed from top to bottom.


Sims 5 Release Date

So there’s no official news on the sims 5 release date. Our educated guess is that it will be launched at the end of 2020.


Release Date Years Developing Expansions Number of Complex Expansion
The Sims 2000 3 7
The Sims 2 2004 4 8
The Sims 3 2009 5 11
The Sims 4 2014 5+ 9+
The Sims 5 2020-21


We can see from the list that there has been a 4-5 year gap between each title. The gap between the sims 4 and the Sims 5 has exceeded this ratio.


Sims 5 Trailer

The trailer for the sims 5 is yet to be revealed. We will update this post with more content by the time you’re seeing this. Meanwhile, you can see some fan-made trailers on the internet.


Sims 5 Cheats

One of the best features in the sims franchise is Cheat codes. These are in-game script codes that are originally developed by the game developers. They allow you to change the gameplay mechanics based on some user-generated values.

Cheat codes are a whole new universe and there is a limited manufacturer that offers these services. The Sims franchise is one of them.

Like all the previous versions, the sims 5 will also feature in-game cheat codes. EA and Maxis will upload them on their official website during the launch.


What Gaming Platform will The Sims 5 Support?

Like its predecessors, the sims 5 will be available on the Console and PC gaming platforms. Eventually, EA and Maxis will also launch a separate version for smartphone users. The Sims 5 will first launch on PC, after this, it will be launched on the Console version. One educated guess is that EA will showcase the trailer for the sims 5 on the launch day of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

What to Expect in the Sims 5?

EA and Maxis are very secretive for this project and there’s no authentic news regarding the gameplay features or mechanics. Still, there are many rumors on the internet that the fans are expecting in the sims 5.

Cheats and Mods

Most of the people play the sim franchise because of their support for custom content and cheat codes. So it’s confirmed that the sims 5 will also include both of these features. The mod installation procedure will be the same, but the game AI system will perform certain checks before installing a mod. For example, if one mod will conflict with others, the game will tell you. In addition to this, the overall cheat mechanics of the game will be improved as well.

No Loading Screens

The biggest down factor of the sims 3 was the loading screen. Sometimes on a high-end gaming system, the game takes 5-10 minutes to load the resources. In the sims 4, the mechanics are improved. But in Sims 5, it is expected that the game will load faster than ever.

A large open world

In the sims 4, each world has certain limits. In order to go to another world, you have to change your current lot. In sims 5, all the worlds will be merged in one place. This feature was already a part of the sims 3. All the lakes, houses, neighborhoods, hills, and everything in the game will be available in one place.

Drive your own Car

This is one of the most requested features of the sims 4. The players can’t drive their own cars. In sims 5, it is expected that there is a new set of animation for the car material. Players will be able to drive their own cars in the open world. The ability to move between different worlds in the game will be marvelous.

All ages will be included

It is what EA is good at, they don’t launch the full feature of the game in the base version. For example, toddlers are part of our life and EA launched a separate Expansion pack to get these. After a lot of controversies, the devs of the project included toddlers in the base game version. In sims 5, it is expected that the game will be pre-build with toddlers, child, parenthood, and pets.

Aging System

The sims 4 aging system is good, but not so realistic. The sims 5 will feature a new aging factor that will include tons of new animation.  Your sims will age through time and in each lifecycle, you can fully customize your character.

Apart from this, there are a lot of other rumors regarding the game like Sims 5 VR and tons of new Expansion Pack. What are your expectations in sims 5? Head down to the comment section and share your thoughts with us.


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