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In terms of custom content, sims 4 provide a lot of everyday objects in the game like Sims 4 Bunk Beds. From groceries to household items, the devs of the project have done a really good job in developing an environment that provides a lot of realism.

For your room, there are multiple furniture options that you can buy from the build mode. One such item that you can’t find in the game is Bunk beds. With the release of the sims 4 tiny living expansion pack, the fans were waiting for some amazing bunk bed addition. Tiny living is all about living in a small house and bunk beds are a part of it.

sims 4 Bunk Bed

The devs of the project replace them by Murph beds because it includes less animation and functionalities. To use a bunk bed in the sims 4, you have to climb a ladder. This animation is not included in the base game version. So if you download sims 4 cc bunk beds, you will be not impressed with the animation.

Apart from this, we’ve provided custom content and bunk beds mod that you can download and install in the game.


Sims 4 CC Bunk Beds

A set of 16 creation including a bunk bed. loft bed, ladder, toddler bed, end table, and desk chair. This CC item is perfect for kids, toddler, and tiny rooms. The loft bed of the creation can be paired with a toddler or a single bed to create a new mesh. You can also utilize the space between the bunk beds and add stools and small desk underneath.

All the mesh included in the download are fully functional and tested with the latest game version. There are also custom mattresses for top and bottom beds. Do not use the cheat code to move items, as it will make the object unusable.

Sims 4 Bunk Beds Mod Downlaod 



Sims 4 Toddler Bunk Beds

The mod allows you to use functional bunk beds in the game that you can use for sims of all ages. In addition to this, sims without sufficient relationship status can also share the beds.

You can find this creation under the bed section by name “Barnish bunk bed” The mod requires the latest version of the game so update if you’re on a pending list. The animation of the mod is still a problem but it is expected that it will be changed in the future.

To use the mod on your PC, just install the Shredded_Bunkbed and Shredded-BunkBed-RC1-PlainJane package file. Once the installation is complete, head over to the game settings and enable the script mod option.

Sims 4 Toddler Bunk Beds Mod Downlaod 





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