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Modding the sims 4 is one of the best things to do in the game. Mods come in a variety of new features that allow us to do something that we most desire. Each new feature in the sims 4 has different mods.

There are different mods for your sim hair, clothes, makeup, appearance, etc. If you have a limited amount of mods installed on your PC, it’s Okay!

But what if you’ve dozens of mods installed on your PC? If you have a fuzz of mods, and different files wondering around on your PC, we’ve got a solution for you.Sims 4 Mod manager

Sims 4 Mod Manager

The sims 4 Mod Manager allows you to organize all the mod files on your PC, quickly and easily. It makes management of mods for the sims 4, with just a few clicks.

TS4 Mod Manager Features:

  • Complete Drag and Drop support
  • Auto-install mod feature
  • Backup of Mod folder
  • Enable multiple Mods at once
  • Disable multiple mods at once
  • It does not use Resource.cfg file
  • Shows each mod type
  • Support sub-folder categorization


Sims 4 Mod Manager Download

Sims 4 Mod Manager Downlaod Mod


  • Extract the mod file on your PC
  • Double click on the Setup.exe file
  • Follow the installation instruction
  • When installed, double click on the manager icon

How to use The Sims 4 Mod Manager?

  • Double Click the Mod Manager Icon
  • Here 5 buttons are available
  • Click the Manage Mods button
  • Now in the general settings, add your Mod folder location
  • Now cancel the New tab
  • Again Click on the Manage Mods button
  • Here you can add and categorize your Mods
  • You can also arrange them using different constraints

Example: Create a category ‘Clothes’, and add all the clothes files here.


Hotkeys for Mod Manager

Key                               Action
Ctrl + A Add mod
Delete Remove Mod
Ctrl + D Disable Mod
Ctrl + E Enable Mod
Ctrl + R Refresh list
Ctrl + Shift + R Rename Mod
Ctrl + Shift + A Select all Mods

Sims 4 Mod Manager Not working

Follow the steps provided below, if your mod manager program is not working. This mod is not working for many Windows 10 users, if you’re facing the same problem, then try this fix.

  • Find the mod icon on your desktop
  • Right-click on it and press properties
  • Go to the section called ‘Shortcut’
  • Locate the ‘Run’ option
  • Change it to ‘Maximized’
  • Now run the application again

If the manager is still not working, then follow the steps provided below:

  • Make sure you’ve .Net Framework 4+ installed on your PC.
  • Install the latest version of the Mod file from the provided link.
  • Make sure your anti-virus is not blocking the mod file.


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