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In this post, you will find the sims 4 fairy mod, how you can download it and use it.

Thanks to the sims 4 modding community, you can have almost anything in the game. Whatever you want to become in the game, there’s a mod somewhere available for it. At the sims 4 mods, we provide a unique and easy approach to get your favorite mods. One such mod that has a lot of interesting traits is the sims 4 fairy mod.

sims 4 fairy mod

Sims 4 Fairy Mod

The mod allows your sim to live as a fairy. You will have different traits, occult, inspiration, and sills level. To use this mod on your PC, download the mod file and copy the content into the game Mod folder.

Sims 4 Fairy Mod Downlaod



Sims 4 Fairies Mod Functionality

The mod includes different functionalities which we have provided below:

Sims 4 Child and Toddler Fairies 

Faries will grow with time and has proper life state as normal sims. You can have children/toddlers in the game by completing the “Plead the fairies” interaction on the tree. Children fairies possess all the capabilities an adult sim will have.

However, toddler sims will cry instead of pray. Both will have the same ability which is called “I Can Fly” interaction.

Sims 4 Wings through Ages

The wings on your fairy will grow with time. Each life stage of your sim will have separate wings level that will grow as you progress in the game.

Sims 4 Fairy Magic Ability

Fairies are capable of using different magic interaction. This is called auras in the game. The magic spell includes:

  • Aura of Sooting
  • Aura of Body and Mind
  • Aura of Creativity
  • Aura of Discomfort
  • Aura of Idiocy

Magic Energy

Every time your sim uses a certain Aura, they will receive an “Out of Magic Energy” buff. The buss will last for 6 hours.


Sims 4 Fairy Mod FAQ’s

How to become a fairy?
To become a fairy in the game, your sim has to receive the fairy blessing. You can do this by pleading the “fairies trees”.
What is sims 4 fairy mod tree?
The fairy tree is the main source of all the magical things in the game. It will curse or bless your sim by turning them into fairies. You can find this tree in the Build Mod under the “trees” section.
How to use a fairy tree?

You can do two things with the fairy tree

  • Contemplate the tree (observation)
  • Plead the fairies (transformation into fairy)
Are there fairies in Sims 4?
The sims 4 fairy mod allows you to bring fairies in the game. This is a complete script mod and doesn’t conflict with other settings.
How do you turn your sim into a fairy?
Go to the build mod and buy a fairy tree. Now plead in front of the tree to become a fairy.


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