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The sims 4 is really a polite game, its rated PG 13. I mean even the WooHoo is kind of cute when you look at it. So there’s no way you can find disturbance or some violation in this game. Thanks to the sims 4 modding community, we now have a fighting mod in the game. It’s not just an ordinary fighting mod, it contains all kind of extreme violence like Gangs, Murderers, Deadly interactions, Suicide option and much more. In this page, we’ve covered everything related to the sims 4 fight, brawl, and combat mod.

The Sims 4 Fighting Mod

If you’re a fan of Sims franchise and playing the sims 4 for a long time, then there’s one name that provides off the chart content for the game. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, Sacrificial mods. Sacrificial Jr. has provided some of the best modes for the sims franchise. One of my personal best is the sims 4 extreme violence mod. It contains all kinds of fighting animation, combat, and brawling. Using this mod, you can become a gang member or join one yourself. Support brutal crimes and become the godfather of the world.

Mod Description:

This mod includes 2 types of gang rivalry, ‘The Thotties’ and ‘The HardWood’. Each gang member has their own behaviors, Fued, Outfits, and Attacking techniques. You can also pay one of the gang members to murder someone. You can murder someone using slitting their throat, Bash their head with Axe, Slice with a machete, Impale with Sais, Swing with a bat, Backstab, Death from above and Open gunfire. All of these features are great until someone calls the cops and arrests you. So beware of cops and happy killing.

Sims 4 Fighting Mod Download Link


The Sims 4 Fighting Career

If you love to watch other sims suffer, then this mod is best for you. Make fighting as your sim professional career and make your way up to the fame of a UFC champion. The specialization includes Debut, Fighting Promise, Contender, Champion, and Retired. Step up into the world of professional fighting, and master your skills as a fighting career.

Sims 4 Fighting Career Download Link

The Sims 4 Brawl Mod

When it comes to fighting, the sims 4 brawl mod has the best animation. It uses the base game fight interaction and adds some new tweaks for fighting techniques. No conflict will occur in this mod, as it uses the pre-build animation files.


The Sims 4 Combat mod

Traditionally, if you fight in the sims 4, a giant smoke cloud appears in the way. It hides all the fighting fun and just shows the winners. The sims 4 combat mod removes this cloud from the sims and adds some more combat fighting. There are three fighting interactions in the game, The Headlock, Slap Fight, and Round House punch. These are overridden with Trick with a hand buzzer, Scare and Slap Silly.




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