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If you’re playing Sims 4 for a while now, then you may have noticed that there is no alcohol available in the game. There are in fact bars available, but they just provide juices and plain drinks.

Why go to a bar and drink only juices and H20?

Well, this is something important according to the modding community of the sims 4. The community always want challenges in sims 4. The Sims 4 drunk mod allows you to get drunk at the bar and do some funky stuff after getting drunk.

Some sims start doing funky faces, some may go to sleep, and some may start dancing.

sims 4 drunk mods

Here we have 2 sims 4 drunk mod for you. Installation instructions and general description are provided below.

The Sims 4 Drunk Mod 2022

This mod exploits the “over-medicated” moodlet and adds some extra tweaks in the gameplay. All bar drinks other then water, tea, emotional and motive drinks will give your sims a high dose of dazed moodlet. If you drink more and more, the effect will increase on the scale of 1 to 10. There are 3 flavors from which you can choose your affected levels. The Simple 3-hour drink does a little of a dazed moodlet.

In this case, your sim will feel and little sleepy and will take a nap anywhere. The 6-hour moodlet will add some extra sleeping time. The 12-hour, however, is the actual drunk mod.

It adds a severe moodlets and requires your sim to take at least 2 naps. Whatever the flavor you take, the result of dazed moodlet is: weird behavior, pretending, not walking straight and rolling eyes.


The Sims 4 Drunk Mod Download

Sims 4 Drunk Mod Download Link


Sims 4 Drunk Mod Download 12 hours


Sims 4 Drunk Mod Download 3 hours


Sims 4 Drunk Mod Download 6 hours


Installation instruction:

  • Download and unzip the file in your PC
  • Place the package file in your mod folder
  • Start the game and enable mods in the game
  • Restart the game


sims 4 drink mods


The Sims 4 Alcohol Mod

The sims can drink alcohol at a bar, but they won’t feel dizzy or anything which is a bit dissipating. Using the alcohol mod, you can get drunk off at any bar drinks. It changes the buffs of the sims and changes the mod for a limited amount of time.

For example, the sim will receive a buff of 10+ dazed that lasts for 45 minutes. You will also receive a happy, wasted, and drunk buff.

Sims 4 Alcohol Mod Download



CandyD’s Drink Drank Drunk Mod

If you’re looking for the best sims 4 drinking mod than look no further. The CandyD’s drink Drank Drunk Mod allows you to get drunk in the game. There are three different moddlets in the game.

Drinking more will make your sim feel drunker, and depending on their current state, they might fall into the ground and sleep. The mod will affect your sim for 3-12 hours. You can also use the Sims 4 get drunk mod for teenagers.

Sims 4 CandyD’s Drink Drank Drunk Mod Download
Download CandyD’s Drink Drank Drunk 3 Hours
Download CandyD’s Drink Drank Drunk 6 Hours
Download CandyD’s Drink Drank Drunk 12 Hours
Download CandyD’s Drink Drank Drunk Beer Module



The Sims 4 Custom Drinks

The mod allows you to make more custom drinks in the bar or your home. There are more than 15 drinks that you can start from. In addition to this, there is various animation for each drink-making procedure.

Sims 4 Custom Drink Interactions Download
Sims 4 Custom Drink Interactions Download V2
Sims 4 Custom Drink Interactions Download V3



The Sims 4 Basemental Drug Mod

The Sims 4 basemental mod is a little bit more than the drunk mod. It adds drugs and more severe alcohol in the game. You will have more drinks, traits, and cocaine in the game. Your sims will feel hangovers after the drink. Hangover depends on how many drinks you have per day.

Teens, on the other hand, can also get drunk. But in this case, bouncers on the club can ask for your ID and sometimes ask you to leave the premises of the club. For this, we recommend you make a Fake-ID from the computer.

Basement Drugs include Cannabis, Cocaine, Shrooms, Lean, MDMA, Xanax, Alcohol, and Ayahuasca.

Fun Fact: If your sim doesn’t have enough money to buy drugs, they can trade them using sex. This requires the Wicked Whims mod.

Sims 4  Basemental Drug Mod Download Link



Installation Instruction:

  • Download the Zip file and extract it
  • Delete previous mod and replace files (if you’re updating)
  • Place the content of the file into the Mod folder
  • Enable Script mod and C in the Sims 4 Base game settings
  • Restart the game


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