Download Sims 4 Book of Chaos Mod | Torture & Chaos Mod

In this post, we have shared how you can download the sims 4 Book of chaos mod with how to use guide.


The Sims 4 Chaos & Torture Mod

The sims 4 Book of Choas Mod is another fine addition into the sims 4 modding community that contains tons of great interaction. This is a custom tunning mod, meaning it won’t conflict with any other installed mod in your game. The book of chaos mod contains 17 interesting interactions that make other sims fear you. These are custom design new interactions like “Sim Abduction” or “Drown a Sim in Pee”. With this mod, you can kill any Playable or Non-playable character in the game. The mod also offers new buff and gameplay mechanics.

Sims 4 Book of Chaos Mod Download







Sims 4 Book of Chaos How to Use

Below we have mentioned a detailed guide on how you can use this mod in the game.

How to Use:

To get started, you first have to put a bookcase in your house. You go to it and purchase the “book of chaos”. You can put this book in your sims inventory or anywhere in the house. Once the book is in your inventory, just click on it and perform any interaction.

Note: If the book is glitching out or not working, just buy a new one.

Available Interaction:

  • Throw Poisoned Drink At “Specified Sim”
  • The Kiss of Flames
  • The Kiss of Death
  • Drown a Sim in Pee
  • Electrocute a Sim
  • Embarrass a Sim to Death
  • Make a Sim Depressed
  • Give a Heart Attack to “Specified Sim”
  • Freeze Sim
  • Get a Sim (abducted by aliens)
  • Burn a Sim
  • Make a Sim Pee Self
  • Make a Sim Puke
  • Make a Sim Streak
  • Torture a Sim
  • Spread Hatred
  • Ask to be Partners in Crime
  • End Criminal Partnership


Mod Types:

The mod interaction is available in each of these expansion packs.

  • Base game: 15 interaction
  • Get to Work: 17 interaction
  • Spa Day: 15


Sims 4 Book of Chaos Xbox One

The sims 4 mods are only available for the PC version of the game. You can’t install the book of chaos or any other mod in the Xbox One version of the game.

Sims 4 Book of Chaos PS4

The sims 4 mods only work on the Steam version of the game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide any other way to use the mod on PS4. The book of chaos mod only works on PC.

Sims 4 CC Book of Chaos

The sims 4 book of chaos is a CC tuning mod, meaning it won’t conflict or change the setting of any other installed mod in the game. The tunning feature allows this mod to also work on most expansion packs.


Sims 4 Book of Chaos Mod FAQ’s

How do you get a book of chaos in Sims 4?
The book of chaos is a custom sims 4 mod that you have to install in your game.
How do you buy a book on Sims 4?
To buy books in the game, you have to use the bookcase. You can buy a bookcase from the build mode.


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