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But if you want to be more productive, taking the time to put on ‘work clothes’ can be a huge psychological boost. There are plenty of free apps that allow you to do this, and then, you’ll be able to see the breakdown of each day by the hour. This way, you’re effectively turning work into a habit, which will then help your mind and body adapt to the new working environment. If you want to be productive, and still finish work by 5pm, you’ll need a clear work schedule. The idea is to try and emulate your office environment, so that you actually feel more like at work.

And sometimes, it will vary based on the specific project you’re tasked with, and the employee can choose. However you slice it, hybrid employees benefit from being able to work from home, a coffee shop, or travel abroad during specific times of the week/year, with some planning ahead involved. We work remotely or WWR has a collection of remote work blogs and free resources that are designed to help you get a dream remote job.

Ways Remote Support Jobs Differ from In-Person Support

Our Global Workforce Revolution Report revealed that many jobseekers are willing to take a pay cut to work remotely. From building remote teams, to running remote meetings and events, everything you need to know is here. Remote work is no longer just a trend – 12.7% of full-time employees work from home, while 28.2% operate within a hybrid work model. While the majority of the workforce is still in the office, embracing these strategies and tips will allow you to function successfully within a remote team. However, this transition to remote work isn’t as straightforward as simply trading an office cubicle for a desk at home. Employers, employees, and freelancers all face unique challenges, from maintaining productivity and effective communication to managing time zones and ensuring work-life balance.

remote work blog

At Novorésumé, we’re committed to making sure you get the job you deserve, every step of the way. Be sure to follow our career blog if you’d like to read more and stay up-to-date with our industry-leading career advice. Upwork is probably the single most well-known freelance and remote job website. And companies who want to post their jobs on it can pay to have their listing featured in the job search. Each remote job posting on JobSpresso is hand-picked and reviewed by the site’s staff. It’s full of remote freelance gigs, and to get started, all you need to do is create a profile and start bidding on jobs.

Things the Office Can Learn From Remote Working

While email has a place in remote work, it won’t be ideal to put it at the center of your remote communication strategy. To adapt, most remote-first teams default to an asynchronous model where team members are encouraged to overcommunicate, document everything, and limit personal exchanges to the essentials. Here are the six most common mistakes companies make when switching to a remote model so you can pinpoint them and fix them in your company. Building an equitable workplace will help create support and diversity for lasting success in any business. Internal policies must be designed with inclusion in mind, to build a healthy workplace where women from all backgrounds can navigate the challenges remote work poses without undue scrutiny.

remote work blog

The topics covered in the work from home blogs include minimalism, coliving, digital nomading, gig economy, productivity, remote work and the future of work, to name a few. The remote work blogs are categorized into reasons to go remote, working remotely, building a remote team  and remote management. Of these, the blog talking about the interesting benefits of remote work is definitely worth taking a look at.


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