Accounting for Trucking Companies

Additionally, provide accurate financial data to your accountant so that they can make informed decisions and provide expert advice. Other factors to consider when selecting the right accounting software include the software’s features, ease of use, support, and pricing. You should also consider whether the software is cloud-based or installed on your computer.

  • Truck driver pay errors happen all the time, especially when you’re trying to balance different pay scales based on mileage and loads.
  • Here’s what you need to know about trucking accounting, including how to set up an effective system and some common mistakes to avoid.
  • All businesses have a set of reports that show critical information about the state of the business.
  • Apart from all these services, we at Meru Accounting also take care that a business matches the industry benchmark.

Having the up-to-date financial records and analysis you need to make data-informed decisions puts you back on the road to success. It makes your job much easier because you know the financial part is handled. In order for your fleet to make money, you need to get paid on time and in full.

best trucking accounting software programs

You can use accounting software like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, or Xero to track your income and expenses. These tools can help you create financial reports, manage invoices, and monitor your cash flow. Before delving deeper into trucking accounting, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some key financial terms and concepts. Gross revenue is the total amount of money generated by the business before accounting for expenses. Net revenue is the amount of money left after accounting for expenses. Costs include operating expenses like fuel, repairs, insurance, and taxes.

  • What we are offering in our Trucking Office software is all of those features and more in one trucking-specific software solution.
  • Xero is another popular option, offering similar features to QuickBooks, but with a more user-friendly interface.
  • Using invoicing tools can help you create and send invoices to clients quickly and easily.
  • In particular, the accounting services cover invoice processing, receipt generation, and general expense management.
  • When people think of accounting, they often think of personal finances and budgeting.

Tracking your payments is crucial in ensuring you have enough funds to pay your drivers and cover operational costs. While professional accounting services cost a fee, it’s much smaller compared to the savings you’ll enjoy. You can always utilize accounting software to automate specific tasks. Accounting for trucking firms is different from accounting for other types of transportation businesses because of the unique tax strategies that are available to trucking companies. Keep reading to discover our picks for the best trucking accounting software.

Requirements Of The Industry

Rigbooks is a straightforward bookkeeping application that was designed specifically for trucking businesses. The software places a top focus on translating costs into per-mile calculations. This focus is intended to make it easier to calculate load values and stay on top of receipts for tax filing. While available for businesses of all sizes, Rigbooks is designed for owner operators and small fleets. However, some trucking companies and owner operators may find general accounting software sufficient if they have separate solutions for trucking-specific needs.

Why Do You Need a CPA for Your Trucking Company?

He now writes articles on personal and corporate finance, accounting and tax matters, and entrepreneurship. Are you looking for ways to expand your business or cover operating expenses? In addition, ignoring your accounting for more than a couple of months means you’ll likely miss one or more tax due dates.

How is trucking accounting software different from general bookkeeping software?

Choosing a qualified CPA firm that specializes in transportation accounting is essential to ensuring the financial success of your trucking business. As a trucking company, you quickbooks desktop vs online 2018 need to find an accounting company that understands the trucking industry. As a result, exceptional accounting services for trucking firms are a unique and challenging task.

How DMJ’s Trucking Accountants Boost Profitability

It’s an affordable option for small trucking companies that need to track cost per mile and understand which of their loads are the most profitable. Technically not a software solution but an alternative, TruckBytes provides free pre-made spreadsheets to streamline invoicing, trip reports, and IFTA filing. TruckLogics streamlines bookkeeping by limiting manual record entry and delivering one-click financial reports.

What to look for in trucking accounting software

While in-office personnel can be paid in-person on a regular schedule, truckers might be on the road when payday rolls around. Manage your payroll with trucking accounting software to address the often complex process of paying drivers. For instance, you can implement direct deposit so your drivers get paid on time no matter where they are.


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